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Catch That Salmon 2

Åter igen möter vi Nils Jørgensen på Island, fast denna gång sent under säsongen när laxen vandrat upp i älven. Under sensäsongen krävs ett annat synsätt på fisket. Nils Jørgensen delar med sig av sin kunskap om hur man finner laxen, om flugorna och kring fisketekninker.

Once again we join Nils Jørgensen in Iceland, but late in the season, where the salmon have migrated far up the rivers. Late season requires a different set of eyes on the river. Nils Jørgensen will share his knowledge on where to find the salmon, flies, tackle and fishing techniques. All the time, adapting technique, tackle and choice of fly to the exact conditions and situation facing you is important. And Nils Jorgensen is a master at this. The camera will follow Nils on a number of fishing trips, where he tells about his fishing, and we join him up close in dramatic fights with big salmon.

This is an instructive movie about strategy, fishing technique and tackle under different conditions. Experiences and knowledge that can be used where ever in the world you fish for Atlantic Salmon.